5 Star:I love this wig as well! I'm in college and I rock heahair wigs everyday on campus, people always think it's my real hair. And the company has wonderful customer service as well! I tried so many different wigs but when I came across the heahair wigs they are all I will order now.

5 Star:Firstly, customer survice with heahair via email is incredible. They're so sweet, and were more than helpful with anything I needed while finding the wig for me. The shipping was quicker than I expected, and the wig is SUCH great quality. The lace front really makes it look so natural, and it works with lots of different styles. I highly recommend

5 Star:This wig is beautiful! It's very diverse and the way the lace runs makes it easy to style this wig in so many ways. It doesn't have a fake synthetic shine either. It is lovely!

5 Star:I really love this wig! The hairline is very realistic. Besides minor shedding the wig is perfect!

5 Star:I loved it. Very soft and wasn't bad shedding. Looks realistic too.

5 Star:Great wig! Looks like it does in the pictures, not too shiny or fake looking. Hairline is kind of unnatural, but other than that, it is really cute!!

HEAHAIR focuses on Handtied Synthetic Lace Front Wigs


5 Star:Took about a week to arrive from China. Package was a little banged up but wig was unharmed. The wig was same color as the pics. Very thick and full. Like most wigs, it will need some cutting and hairline plucking to make it look authentic. The hair uses a light colored swiss lace. Dark skinned people may want to ask if the lace comes in additional color. I'm Marian Careys complexion and the lace blended fine. Overall good quality. I would buy more from this company.

HEAHAIR focuses on Handtied Synthetic Lace Front Wigs


5 Star:This the bomb.

5 Star:I received my package faster than the estimated time, the package arrived at my door step in 3 days, I chose standard shipping.
This wig is a little bit more expensive than what I usually spend (under 50) also I was very nervous to buy a wig online so I've been very anxious for this to come.
First the pros:
~The wig is very thick but still natural looking enough to wear normally, the last thing I want is a wig that looks like a wig.
~the hair line is one of my favorites so far, looks very natural on me
~the clips are further back in the wig and very comfortable. Some wigs have the clips right at the hair line which ultimately just irritate my hair line and pulls out hair so this is a super plus for me.
~it looks very real, even my boyfriend who knows I wear wigs said he couldn't believe it was a wig.
*I will note that I altered my wig a little for the realistic look which you will see in the cons.
So there it is, great wig for the price. Very real looking with lots of hair and heat safe on a low setting.

HEAHAIR focuses on Handtied Synthetic Lace Front Wigs


5 Star:This wig is absolutely out of this world AMAZING!!!!
It's SUPER thick, extremely well made and you can tell that they took tons of time sewing in all the gorgeous strand of ombré hair!
There is no smell to this wig meaning that they don't just store it in a warehouse, they ship to order !
This wig is heat resistant and you can straighten it out or re-curl this wig with medium to low heat depending on what style you want to have that day!
This wig arrives beyond fast and super protected! It arrived to my house inside one box and then the wig was inside that box within another box that was hard and protecting the wig!
It comes with a free wig cap (which is so nice) and they also ship for free!
This wig is perfect for a beautiful everyday looks or for Cosplaying your favorite Charaters!
The price is by far what blows me away because Lace Front Wigs can be extremely expensive when they are so well made like this one so I was shock at the price !!!
I have a full video review of this gorgeous wig on my YouTube channel Amber Living With Dystrophy!
You will not be disappointed with the amazing wigs from this shop!
I am in love with this wig that allows me to change my hair color daily without damaging my natural hair and hair color!

HEAHAIR focuses on Handtied Synthetic Lace Front Wigs


5 Star:Heahair is one of the best wig company.their wigs are made from synthetic hair but feels and looks like real human hair.rheir service is super helpful and quick.their postage don't take more than a few days which is amazing.the wig comes with a wig cap which is really helpful! This wig is a pastel pink which is perfect if you don't want to damage your own hair trying to achieve it because,this wig looks super natural and realistic,I've gotten so many compliments on my hair thinking it was my actual natural hair when really it was just this pink wig:). Their customer service is really helpful and will answer any questions you got within a few hours,trying to find you the best fitting wig.im really happy with this wig because it's long and soft and doesn't tangle which is a plus because usually long wigs tangle quick but this doesn't.it looks really natural because the lace front blends in perfectly.

5 Star:I love the color, and I went through sooooooooooo many different wig companies and tried so many different wigs and I wasn't happy with any of them. In fact I was so not happy I didn't even bother contacting customer service for the other ones. But I accidently ordered 3 of the same wig and Heahair customer service contacted me! That's how awesome they are! I love this wig, the hair feels real the color (pink is my favorite)their website has a wonderful selection as well. I am so happy with them. I'm in college and I have thin hair. These wigs have thick hair. I won't touch another brand. I love this brand and this is one of my absolute favorite wigs!!

HEAHAIR focuses on Handtied Synthetic Lace Front Wigs

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