Great quality for the price.

by support HEA on July 13, 2020

I've never been so impressed by a wig like I am with this one not even the human hair wigs. This is actually my first synthetic wig I've ever purchased I'm now hooked for life. This wig is of such great quality for it's price, the color is rich and fun, the fibers are soft and thick, I was able to flat iron it straight even though the waves are beautiful I wanted to experiment with a different look and it turned out better than I thought. I added a little powder to dim the shine which the shine isn't bad but I'm a perfectionist. I tweaked the hair line just a little bit for my liking but that's what's awesome about this wig that you don't really have to do much to it cause who ever made this wig put great emphasis into accomplishing a natural hair line and can I just say how shooked I am with the quality of the lace?! Amazing! Usually synthetics have a hard plastic lace that's very uncomfortable I know this cause I use to always try them when I went to beauty supplies stores and I couldn't understand why and how any one would wear such a thing but with this wig I had read such great reviews I just had to try it. I'm so happy 😄 with this purchase I went ahead and bought me another one of a different color and next week I'll be purchasing more, I'm planning to make a youtube video review. I hope this company don't change and keep making good quality wigs.